A Successful Career as an Artist does not take Luck...
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Are you ready to learn exactly what you need to do to market yourself as an artist today? 
Are you ready to set up studio and get to work?
Well, friend...

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~ Heather

"I need more of Shelby's encouraging words!!!! If you are striving to find God's purpose for you, then you are in the right place. Love her positivity!!!"

~ Justine

"Shelby is dynamic and spirit led! I love how she makes taking those baby steps so accessible. No matter where you are at in your faith journey there is something to glean from this faith based wisdom!"

~ Mama Z

"Shelby is so personable, brave and intentional to help those who are coming up behind her, needing to know Christ and how He changes how we view religion!"

 3 Words to Think of When you Hear the Word Testimony AND My Testimony, My Jesus Journey, My Come to Jesus //Part 7 of 7 Testimony Series

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What Translation of the Bible Should I Use? 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Translation for YOU. //Basic Christian Beliefs Every Exmo and New Believer Needs to Know.

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"The more we get ourselves out of the way and let Him take us over the more truly ourselves we become." 

C.S. Lewis

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