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Find out what it means to truly be enough as a follower of Christ! If you are ready for Bible truths, theology and wisdom from His word that will shape your life, your confidence and yes your feeling of being enough- then friend you are in the right place. 
This is Finding Faith Above the podcast. 

Free Gifts

Free Gifts

Free Gifts

Free Gifts

The place to be for daily inspiration and camaraderie with other 
Ambitious Christian Women.
Feel like you truly have a friend to help encourage your day-to-day.
This is not your average group. This group talks.

Send it to me!

The list you need to get your site launched and into the world!

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Get Clarity &  start a podcast


The Stef Gass 

I would not be anywhere close to where I am today in my business, my podcast, or my life without Stef Gass. 
I have done every one of her courses more than once and continue to participate in all things she does still to this day. 
If you are wanting to get clarity on your God-led calling, start a podcast or if you think your podcast could use an upgrade 
you have to work with Stef. 

Get Clarity &  start a podcast


Create an email list AND have it pretty at the same time! 
I love Flodesk's templates and how incredibly easy they make it to use. 

business Basics

Business Basics



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business Basics

Many would say this is the one thing their business would not be the same without. 
Create professional graphics for every project imaginable.  

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 This just makes booking clients so much easier. 
This scheduling software sinks with your digital calendar, auto atically creates zoom meetings and can checkout your clients for you. 
So easy! 

This is not just checkout software, but a sales funnel AND course creator platform all in one amazing place! 
It is all designed with the entrepreneur in mind. 

website platform

May just be the best thing since sliced bread...

Powerful to use, easy to learn. 
A true drag and drop platform requiring no code, but creating sites that have SEO through the rough and the most professional things you have seen. 

If you are purchasing one of my templates you will need showit to go with.  

Trust me, your going to love this!

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