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to get your site going today!

No more Intimidation!

Setting all the things up doesn't have to that hard.

Have it Set up today!

Calandly, flodesk, mailchimp, pretty booking canvases, freebies that work and collect emails....
ALL the things you have been dreading and not sure how you will ever make it all look good and work on your site. 
Guess what? 
I'm here to help!

Imagine if...

You felt legit and you had a website to prove it!

All buttons work, calendars are on autopilot, contact forms actually contact you and your website works!

Your coaching business was set up to automatically to sink to your calendar and receive payment!

Your email list was growing everyday and all those emails you had stored in snapshots on your phone were stored safely!

Your freebies actually connected to an email provider that did everything on automation!

Your 'Book Now' buttons all went to a beautiful Calendar to have clients book right now! 


This really is that easy!

I can and will integrate all the things for you. Need an email provider, Calendly set up, a checkout service so you can get paid?
I work with you to not only chose a provider that suits you, but make all the buttons on your site go to these services and work the way they are intended. We dot the i's and cross the t's to make it all work. 
No more intimidation. 

I'm Ready to do this!


We book a call together where we go through your site, your wishes, your struggles, and review what we need to do to get your site fully functional.
We go over dates, what to expect and next steps.  

What's Included



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A fully functional site bringing your message to the world...

What's Included

What's Included




Your contract is sent to your personal portal detailing everything I will do for you! 

Full communication- did we just become best friends?

I get to work.
All the things we talked about get done.

It kind of feels like magic! 

We book a followup call where we run through everything.
It all works and your site is up and running, just as you always hoped it would be!

You get...

"practical applications"

J. Grad

"I love how Shelby gives knowledge (biblical and practical) into digestible pieces for us to understand and walk out in our lives."

"Accessibility and Heart"

J. Wenzel

"Shelby is dynamic and spirit led! I love how she makes taking those baby steps so accessible."

"Best Decision Ever"

"She is so positive, easy to work with, and easy to understand, even when she is explaining the technical stuff. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to create a beautiful website for their podcast or business!"

"so encouraging"

BFF Heather

"I need more of Shelby's encouraging words!!!! If you are striving to find God's purpose for you, then you are in the right place. Love her positivity!!!!😍 


What people are

you really do need this!


I know what it feels like to be so close to making all your business dreams come true, but feel like you are held back by things you either a) don't have time to figure out, or b) are just flat intimidating. 

No more, friend!

Your God-led message is too important to keep hidden behind tech that doesn't work.

Let's get that message out into the world in a BIG way!

Your tired of trying to figure it all our on your own- you need help!

You want your podcast, channel, your words all set up to actually reach people on your site!

You need your calendar and way to book with you made pretty and set up for customers to book, pay, and communicate.

You are looking for a friend and business gal who gets online business and what you need to reach your people. 

The tech is getting in the way of sharing your message and you just need help making it happen!

You have a podcast, book, coaching business, a God-led calling that you are sharing with the world and are ready for more!

This is for you 


Get the help you really need!

It's time to finally...  


$50 Intro Call/
Services Starting at $297 

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Start booking clients, getting paid, collecting emails and making this thing real!

Make your site fully functional.

Just because you can do it all does not mean you