You have a God-led business, you started a website...

Now What??

Now What??

Feeling overwhelmed?
Like there is no way you could ever get your business to that uber porofessional place? 

Just because you can do it all, does not mean that you should...

...I'm here to help!

Here is your Guide

 where to go next


Needing your Next Action Step to Launch Your Biz?

This is all about taking ACTION!
Should I start a podcast, an email list, what course provider should I use and should I start a blog? 
I have been an entrepreneur since I was 12 years old.
Sometimes we need to have someone help us who sees the forest through the trees, someone just outside our biz with some perspective to help us know where to go. 

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All the Tech! Intimidated by Email, Courses, Calendly?

I can and will integrate all the things for you. Need an email provider, Calendly set up, a checkout service so you can get paid?
I work with you to not only chose a provider that suits you, but make all the buttons on your site go to these services and work the way they are intended. We dot the i's and cross the t's to make it all work. 
No more intimidation. 

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Brand it like a Boss! Make your Site your Own.

You bought a template, but it is not yet your site.
I love making your site feel like your very own.
Why spend hours learning how to swap out colors, fonts, logos, pictures, copy and more? You should be working on your business, not your site. Leave it to me to put your fingerprint all over your site with your beautiful message.  

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See THE providers and courses I don't just recommend, but shout from the rooftops!
Start a podcast, launch a course and more...

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must haves! 

Ready to learn how to DIY the heck out of your business, site, brand? Want to learn how I do all the things I do to make a site meet your mission. This Course will get you there and beyond.

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